Indian Home Decor Arches

Incorporating arches into your Indian home decor can really separate your efforts good too great. Arched windows, ceilings and hallways provide an unexpected architectural twist to any room. See some examples of homes with Indian style arches added ... read more

Indian Home Decor Hanging Lamps

Adding one or a few, Indian style decor hanging lamps to a room can really help set the tone for the room. This style of lighting shouldn't cost too much and will look great. Check out some examples of Indian style hanging lamps ... read more

Indian Home Decor Kantha Quilt

Indian kantha quilts are fantastic additions to any Indian theme of home decor. Authentic kantha quilts are intricately stitchedand can add a warm, cozy and comforting effect to a room. Used in a variety of ways from dressing furniture to a decorative wall ... read more

Indian Home Decor Lighting

Choosing the right lighting for your Indian decor styled room is important. Boring standard lights can spoil the look and feel of your themed room. Instead opt for some Indian style decorative lights that will help finish off and set the right mood for the ... read more